Catwoman action figure by Mego

Catwoman The Catwoman action figure was released by Mego in 1974 as part of their World's Greatest Super-Gals series.

The figure is 8" tall and fully articulated. It came wearing a multi-colored outfit meant to simulate the comic-book Catwoman's outfit (to an extent), including flesh-colored portions (shoulders, upper arms, and sometimes legs), as well as blue boots (flat- bottomed or heeled) and gloves (of the 'Mego oven mitt' type). The figure's head had rooted hair and its mask was painted on.

The World's Greatest Super-Gals was an attempt by Mego to persuade girls to also purchase some of their superhero offerings. The other characters in this group included Supergirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman.

Catwoman is one of Batman's oldest enemies, and certainly his most prominent female enemy. She first appeared in Batman #1 way back in 1940, where she was at first called The Cat and wasn't quite yet a costumed super-villain. The character became much more a part of popular culture, of course, during the run of the Batman TV series, during which Catwoman was played by both Eartha Kitt and the voluptuous Julie Newmar.