Eagle Force action figures

Eagle Force Eagle Force was an 2-1/4" high die-cast action figure toy line marketed by Mego Corporation in the 1980's in the United States, the line was similar to the G.I. Joe action figures by Hasbro.

In the U.S. there was a total of eighteen figures in the series, five of which (Redwing, Wild Bill, Nemesis, Sergeant Brown and Baron Von Chill) were released a year after the other thirteen and are more difficult to find than the other thirteen. Additionally vehicles and playsets were produced including a mountain base, a jet, two jeeps, and two tanks. There were also four Adventure Packs which were Communications, Ocean Patrol, Tactical, and Bivouac.

There were also comic books, cap guns, and other Eagle Force items available. Outside the United States the Eagle Force lineup included numerous variations in packaging, figure painting and plus additional vehicles. Slight variations in packaging also occurred in the United States were common while the line was in production by the Mego company and later, other companies began producing figures from the same molds. producing more variations when Mego stopped production of the series.

Eagle Force was released through Target stores in May of 1981 where they instantly sold out. However, Mego closed down in 1982. Apparently, an unnamed company used the Eagle Force molds to create a line of figures called simply 'Action Figure.' The packaging was totally different than Eagle Force packaging and most of the figures in this line were painted the same as the Eagle Force line. However, others were painted very differently as it seems that only a tan skin color was used for the heads, therefore the Sergeant Brown figure is caucasian and Redwing has a tan head with brown arms.

After 1982 Eagle Force action figures were released by Ideal whose released them in packages with 'Strike Force' printed where 'Eagle Force' was printed on the Mego releases.