Lizard action figure by Mego

The Lizard by Mego Mego produced The Lizard as part of their World's Greatest Superheroes line of action figures in the mid-1970's. The figure stands 8" tall. The Lizard is one of the two villains (along with the Green Goblin) who were part of the toyline (and both were Spider-Man enemies).

The Lizard figure differs significantly from other Mego figures. The head is of course unique to this figure, but it also required a different torso, forearms, and lower legs, all made of dark green plastic. The hands are rigid at the wrists. In addition, the figure comes with a tail, in this case made of fabric and stuffed to give it substance. The Lizard's white lab coat is removable.

The character of The Lizard is considered one of Spider-Man's greatest enemies; he first appeared as early as Amazing Spider-Man #6. The Lizard is actually a mutation of biologist Dr. Curtis Connors, who when he is not transformed into the Lizard is one of Spider-Man's most trusted friends. Connors first transformed into the Lizard after experimenting with a formula to restore a severed arm.