Lizard action figure by Mego

Lizard action figure by Mego on Ebay
The Lizard by Mego Mego produced The Lizard as part of their World's Greatest Superheroes line of action figures in the mid-1970's. The figure stands 8" tall. The Lizard is one of the two villains (along with the Green Goblin) who were part of the toyline (and both were Spider-Man enemies).

The Lizard figure differs significantly from other Mego figures. The head is of course unique to this figure, but it also required a different torso, forearms, and lower legs, all made of dark green plastic. The hands are rigid at the wrists. In addition, the figure comes with a tail, in this case made of fabric and stuffed to give it substance. The Lizard's white lab coat is removable.

The character of The Lizard is considered one of Spider-Man's greatest enemies; he first appeared as early as Amazing Spider-Man #6. The Lizard is actually a mutation of biologist Dr. Curtis Connors, who when he is not transformed into the Lizard is one of Spider-Man's most trusted friends. Connors first transformed into the Lizard after experimenting with a formula to restore a severed arm.