Mr. Mxyzptlk action figure by Mego

Mr. Mxyzptlk action figure The unpronouncedly named Mr. Mxyzptlk character was produced as an action figure by Mego in the mid-1970's. He was the only one of Superman's enemies to be produced as a figure for the company's World's Greatest Superheroes line.

The character has to be one of the oddest ever turned into a toy. He first appeared in Superman #30 in September of 1944, and was supposed to be an 'imp' from 'the 4th dimension.' Whenever he appeared in our world, he had almost unlimited magical powers. In fact, the only way Superman could defeat him was to trick him into saying his name backward - which only banished him from Earth's dimension for 90 days.

This unlikely-looking villain figure had a pudgy belly (probably the same one used for the Penguin figure) and tufts of white hair appearing under his purple bowler hat.

Supposedly, two head variations exist: one had a slightly opened mouth and longer hair.

The example at right is shown on a Kresge card, a hanging blister card that was only available in Kresge (later K-Mart) retail stores.