Dr. Zaius - Planet of the Apes

Dr. Zaius Mego Planet of the Apes The Dr. Zaius action figure was released by Mego as part of their Planet of the Apes line in 1974.

The figure comes a light tan jacket (with fur cuffs) over a dark brown shirt, and light tan pants and black boots. There are no accessories.

Dr. Zaius was a character who appeared in all of the Planet of the Apes offerings, from the original novel to the films as well as the live-action and animated TV series. Zaius was probably the most powerful ape in that he was both Minister of Science and also 'Defender of the Faith,' which meant his word was law in Ape society.

Dr. Zaius's unique 'look' is owed to the fact that he is descended from orangutans, while most of the rest of Ape society evolved from gorillas and chimpanzees.