Spider-Man action figure by Mego

Spider-Man action figure Mego's Spider-Man action figure was the first Marvel Comics character chosen for the company's range of World's Greatest Superheroes. The decision was an easy one, as Spider-Man has always been Marvel's most important character since his debut.

Spider-Man first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 in August 1962; he quickly gained his own self-titled comic book. What set Spider-Man apart from many superheroes of the time was the fact that he was just an ordinary guy - a high school kid, in fact - with ordinary problems: problems with getting girls to like him, problems balancing his schoolwork with his other activities, problems with family. The character, while very brave and noble, was flawed and full of self-doubt - this made him much more human than, say, the indestructible Superman or the millionaire Batman. The mix of super-heroic derring-do with his alter-ego Peter Parker's human drama made for a compelling read month after month in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, the character's primary home for many years.

Mego would also produce action figures of two of Spidey's most popular enemies, the Green Goblin and the Lizard, allowing for kids to reenact or make up their own adventures. (A Peter Parker figure was also produced, but it was a Montgomery Ward's exclusive, and thus flew under the radar of many kids.)