Andorian - Star Trek

Andorian Star Trek Mego The Andorian action figure was released in 1976 as part of Mego's Star Trek Aliens line.

The figure comes in a sparkling silver bodysuit covered by a brown jerkin, with brown gloves and boots, and wide black belt. (No Phaser or other accessories.)

The Andorians were an alien race who first appeared in the Star Trek episode "Journey to Babel" in 1968. They were a subject of fascination to fans of the series, in part because of their 'pleasing' alien appearance: light blue skin and antennae.

Although Andorians have appeared in four episodes of the original series, two episodes of the animated series, and subsequent films and TV shows within the Star Trek franchise, Andorians have played very minor roles; they gained some prominence, however, with the series Star Trek: Enterprise beginning in 2001.