Enterprise playset - Star Trek

Star Trek Enterprise playset This Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise playset was released by Mego in 1975 for use with the 8" Star Trek action figures.

The playset consisted of a vinyl box (with carrying handle) that opened to reveal different segments meant to represent different rooms on the Enterprise. To the far left was a Transporter cabinet, while the remainder of the interior served as the bridge of the starship. The bridge section was colorfully designed, although not quite an accurate reproduction of the show's bridge; it nevertheless providing seating and electronic consoles for the figures, as well as a prominent viewscreen. The scene on the viewer could be changed using any of three double-sided horizontal cards that slid into place.

The Transporter section made for more imaginative play in that the child could place a figure inside and, spinning a knob and then pressing one of two buttons at the top, make the figure appear or disappear (i.e., be transported onto or away from the ship).

What good is having Captain Kirk without a starship to command? The Enterprise playset was a popular accessory for its time, and several examples survive - although obtaining one in Excellent condition, much less with its original packaging, can be difficult and expensive.