Gorn - Star Trek

Gorn action figure The Gorn action figure was released by Mego as part of their Star Trek Aliens series in 1976.

The figure comes with a brown reptilian head and 'wrinkly' hands. It is dressed in a two-tone brown outfit with black boots and belt. Accessories include a red pistol and communicator.

This figure is basically one cobbled together using parts from other action figures. The head is that of Spider-Man's foe The Lizard (only molded in brown instead of green), while the body and hands are those of the Soldier Ape of the Planet of the Apes line. Its outfit is the same as that worn by the Klingon figures, also of the Star Trek line, including the accessories.

The Gorn is a beloved (although briefly-appearing) reptilian alien race from the original Star Trek series. In the episode "Arena," Kirk and the captain of an equivalent Gorn starship are placed on an alien world and forced to fight to the death by another, godlike alien race.