Keeper - Star Trek

The Keeper action figure The Keeper action figure was released as part of Mego's Star Trek Aliens line in 1976.

The Keeper figure was composed of a standard male body, but cast in the same light blue plastic as that of the Andorian figure. Its head was a grotesque alien face with mouth open. The figure came dressed in a large white robe trimmed in bright orange. There were no shoes or other accessories.

The Keeper was supposed to be a sinister alien character from the two-part Star Trek episode "The Cage" (aka the show's pilot, with another actor now cast as Kirk's predecessor, Capt. Christopher Pike). Nevertheless, the head of this figure was patterned after that of the fake alien shown on the Enterprise viewscreen in the episode "The Corbomite Maneuver," in which the small boylike alien Balok (played by Clint Howard) sought to intimidate the Federation crew. Since this scary alien face was shown during the credits of each episode, it was one familiar even to those who had only a passing interest in the series.