Mission to Gamma VI playset - Star Trek

Mission to Gamma VI playset Mego released their Mission to Gamma VI playset for use with their line of 8" Star Trek action figures in 1976.

This playset was inspired by the original Star Trek episode "The Apple," and its main centerpiece is a large idol-like structure similar to what the beings in that show worshipped. The front side resembles a large stone idol built into the side of a mountain; the reverse offers two levels for action figures to stand upon - the lower one resembling a cave, which is accessed by a figure falling through a trap door above.

This playset comes with four small alien characters, each of a different race (or at least of different colors), which can be linked together by way of their hook-shaped hands.

This playset doesn't seem to be as common as the Enterprise Bridge one; accordingly, finding one in Excellent condition can be difficult and expensive.