Romulan - Star Trek

Romulan Star Trek Mego The Romulan action figure was released by Mego in 1976 as part of their Star Trek Aliens series.

The figure comes with silver-and-black bodysuit (with wide black sash and cuffs), gold helmet, brown boots, and black belt, as well as red Disruptor pistol and Communicator.

The Romulans are an alien race who first appeared in the Star Trek episode "Balance of Terror." The Romulans share a common ancestry with the Vulcans (Spock's race), as evidenced by the pointed ears; unlike Vulcans, however, they show themselves to be a very passionate and warlike people who command a vast galactic civilization. (Indeed, even though the Klingons have made peace with the Federation by the time of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the Romulan Star Empire remains a dangerous race of enemies.)