Scottie - Mr. Scott - Star Trek

Mr. Scott Mego Star Trek The Mr. Scott action figure was released as part of Mego's original Star Trek line in 1975.

The figure comes in a red shirt with black pants, boots, and belt, and with a light blue Phaser and Communicator. His red shirt indicates he is part of the Engineering section of the Enterprise.

Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott, affectionately known as Scottie, was an important part of the Enterprise crew. He was responsible for maintaining the ship's massively powerful engines which allowed it to travel at several times the speed of light; there were of course several times during the crew's adventures when the ship's resources were pushed past their limits, and it was Mr. Scott's job to keep everything functioning properly.

The popularity of the character (played by James Doohan) has allowed for the survival of such phrases as "Beam me up, Scottie" (since the Transporter also fell within his responsibilities), and "I'm givin' her all she's got, Captain!" in a bad Scottish accent.