Mr. Spock - Star Trek

Mr. Spock Mego Star Trek "Help me, Tiny Spock!"

Mego released their Mr. Spock figure as one of the first characters in their line of Star Trek action figures in 1975.

The figure comes with blue shirt, black pants, black boots, black belt, and light-blue Phaser, Tricorder, and Communicator. His blue shirt indicates he is part of the Science division on board the Enterprise.

Mr. Spock was instantly one of the most popular figures on the original Star Trek, given his cool manner, Saturnine look, and mysterious origins. Spock hails from Vulcan, a planet whose advanced race of people have given themselves over to a purely logic-driven philosophy. Mr. Spock is not only First Officer aboard the Enterprise, but is also Captain Kirk's closest friend.

This is probably the most popular of the Mego Star Trek figures.