Tarzan action figure by Mego

Tarzan action figure One of the early superheroes licensed by Mego to produce with their line of World's Greatest Superheroes was the jungle lord, Tarzan. Since the character was being published by DC, the company may have gone through them to secure the license.

Tarzan first appeared in the October 1912 issue of All Story Magazine, a pulp magazine devoted to general adventure fiction. The character became popular instantly, with readers demanding new adventures of the powerful jungle hero (the first of this type), and in time Tarzan's creator, Edgar Rice Burroughs, would pen 26 novels featuring the character.

Tarzan would go on to appear in movies, television shows, cartoons, radio shows, comic books, and comic strips. When Mego licensed the character beginning about 1974, the character was being published in his own DC Comics book each month. Though not quite thought of as a superhero in the same way as a Superman or a Spider-Man, Tarzan was certainly a colorful character with superior abilities and his own unique mythology.

The Mego Tarzan action figure came with an over-the-shoulder, one-piece animal skin outfit; but perhaps for the sake of modesty, the figure also wore a flesh-covered leotard beneath that. A knife also came with the figure (which the advertising for the figure was careful to show tucked into his loincloth).