Wayne Foundation playset by Mego

Wayne Foundation playset Mego released the Wayne Foundation playset as part of the World's Greatest Superheroes action figure line in 1977.

This elaborate playset stood over 40 inches in height, and came with numerous accessories and features, including:
4-story structure
Working elevator
Computer console with 2 chairs
Conference table with viewscreen and 2 chairs
Bookcase with secret compartment.

The different floors of the playset were meant to simulate different levels of Bruce Wayne's penthouse as well as the Batcave underneath. The interior artwork (some of which was apparently done by celebrated artist Neal Adams) is accurate to what appeared in the Batman comic book.

Probably the most elaborate and awesome playset ever released for 8" action figures, the Wayne Foundation set is very highly prized by Mego collectors. Obtaining a boxed example in excellent condition would probably cost $1,500 or more.