Wonder Woman action figure by Mego

Wonder Woman Mego This action figure of Wonder Woman was released between 1972 and 1978 as part of Mego's World's Greatest Super-Gals line.

This 8" tall female action figure came nude with rooted hair and bodysuit. Note that not only was the character's gold tiara painted onto the head, but in the first series of figures, the character's 'boots' were simply part of the bodysuit colored red. In later issues, the figure received proper red Mego boots. Although Wonder Woman's magic lasso has held a prominent role in both the comic book and TV series, none was packaged with this figure.

As noted, this action figure was released as part of Mego's World Famous Super-Gals, the released-all-at-once female component of their larger World's Greatest Super-Heroes line.

Wonder Woman has always stood as the premier female superhero character. After World War II, when nearly every other superhero comic book had been cancelled, DC Comics still retained three characters' titles which continued for several decades: those of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. The character gained a solid boost of popularity in the mid-1970's when she became the subject of a prime-time Wonder Woman TV series.