Wonder Woman large action figure by Mego

Wonder Woman action figure Mego released this large-size Wonder Woman action figure about 1978.

This 12" tall figure came nude but with the bodice/chestplate painted onto the figure. The figure came packaged wearing her tiara, red boots, blue shorts, and wrist-bands. In addition, it was packaged with a full World War II-era uniform for Wonder Woman's secret identity of Diana Prince.

Although Mego was producing a few other large-size action figures at this time, this figure was mainly in response to the Wonder Woman TV series which debuted in 1976 and quickly became popular with the viewing public. The series started out portraying the era of World War II but soon brought the characters to the modern world.

Note: There seems to be another boxed version of this figure, packaged with two outfits, as well as a 'Fly Away Action' version. There were also figures devoted to Steve Trevor, Nubia, and Queen Hippolyte, as well as two playsets and several outfits.

Value: Mint-in-Box examples of this figure can bring around $250.00. Loose figures may bring $50.00.