Midge doll - Barbie

Midge doll Midge was introduced to Mattel's Barbie line of dolls in 1963. The doll would remain in production through 1966.

Midge was the same size as Barbie, but with a more youthful-appearing face (including freckles) and a slimmer bust. Both dolls could wear each other's clothes. The doll came with blonde, brunette, or red hair. It was a straight-legged doll, as was Barbie also at this time.

A bendable-leg Midge was introduced in 1964. This doll also had bobbed hair and came wearing a different one-piece swimsuit.

Midge was introduced as Barbie's best friend. The doll was very popular with girls and thus is relatively easy to find. The male doll Allan was introduced to be Midge's boyfriend.

Two relatively more rare Midge variations exist: an early-issue Midge without freckles; and one with teeth. The toothed Midge is fairly rare and commands a high price with collectors.