Liddle Kiddles dolls

Liddle Kiddles Liddle Kiddles were a series of dolls produced by Mattel, and they were manufactured beginning in 1965. The next year they were introduced at the New York Toy Fair, and were quickly on toy store shelves thereafter. At around 3 inches tall, these dolls were tiny by toy or doll standards, but that was part of their appeal. The sensation they created in the toy world caused other toy companies to try to produce their own versions of small fit-in-your-palm sized dolls.

Each Kiddle doll was made of a soft vinyl with painted facial features and rooted hair that could be combed. The first, second, and third series ('bigger bodies' as collectors refer to them) range from 2-3/4" to 3-1/2" while the Skediddle Kiddles are 4" tall and have a special mechanism inside the body which allows them to walk, wave, and ride vehicles with the push of the hand. The Kola and Kologne Kiddles along with many others are 2" and the mini Jewelry Kiddles are a wee 7/8" to 1-1/16" in size. All the dolls have Mattel or MI, a date, and either Japan, Hong Kong, or Taiwan markings on the back of the shoulders or on the back of the head near the hairline. markings on the smaller dolls are often hard to find as they are hidden under non-removable clothing. Most Kiddle accessories are marked, even the tiniest. Some are marked with the Mattel Toymakers Seal, and some are only marked with a number.

The bigger bodies (first 10 dolls) were designed to resemble typical neighborhood children at play. Each of the first 24 dolls had detailed clothing and accessories that perfectly matched their theme and size. Wire skeletons inside the vinyl bodies enable the dolls to be posed and reposed realistically. The small 2" dolls however had no wires inside for posing and they had non removable clothing, unlike the first 24.

Liddle Kiddles came packaged in many ways: on cardboard blister/bubble cards, in cellophane window boxes and some only with paper hang tags. Heat and humidity during the long storage period are detrimental to the condition that Kiddles are found in today. Also, excessive play can break the posing wires, rendering the limbs unable to hold a pose. Most often, though, the hairstyles, painted facial features, and clothing have held up remarkably well.

Liddle Kiddles

Slipsy Sliddle*
Soapy Siddle*
Telly Viddle*

Storybook Kiddles
Alice in Wonderliddle Castle*
Liddle Middle Muffet*
Peter Paniddle*

Kiddles 'N Kars
Henrietta Horseless Carriage*
Rosemarie Roadster*

Skediddle Kiddles
Sheila Skediddle*
Shirley Skediddle*
Swingy Skediddle*
Charlie Brown (Peanuts)*
Lucy (Peanuts)*

Lucky Locket Kiddles
Lola Locket*
Lorelei Locket*
Loretta Locket*
Lottie Locket*

Kologne Kiddles
Apple Blossom Kologne*
Honeysuckle Kologne*
Lily of the Valley Kologne*
Orange Blossom Kologne*
Sweet Pea Kologne*
Violet Kologne*

Kola Kiddles
Greta Grape*
Laffy Lemon*
Luscious Lime*
Olivia Orange*
Shirley Strawberry*

Animiddle Kiddles
Funny Bunny*
Lucky Lion*
Miss Mouse*
Tiny Tiger*

Jewelry Kiddles
Flower Pin Kiddle*

Mini-Kiddles Pop-Ups
Pop-Up Gingerbread House*

Kozmic Kiddles
Greeny Meany*
Purple Glurple*

Playsets and Houses

Kiddle Komedy Theatre*
Liddle Kiddles Brick House*
Liddle Kiddles Pop-Up Playhouse*