Sunshine Family dolls

Sunshine Family dolls The Sunshine Family was a line of domestically-themed dolls that centered around (at first) a small family composed of dad, mom, and baby girl. As time went on the line expanded: the baby became a little girl and was joined by a brother; a pair of grandparents became available; and there was even a similar African-American family of dolls called the Happy Family.

The line was heavy on accessories, especially ones that allowed girls to be creative, such as a handful of craft kits. In addition, dolls were introduced that represented historical eras, such as pioneers or Indians.

The Sunshine Family seemed to be all about spending time with one's family, pursuing a make-it-yourself work ethic (the tagline being 'Doing things together & with you!'), and staying close to the land. This is lightyears away from Barbie's glamorous life - maybe what Barbie might have enjoyed had she decided to settle down and move to the country.

The Sunshine Family was produced by Mattel between about 1974 and 1978.


Original packaging (mom, dad, baby)
Dad ('Steve')*
Little Sweets w/ accessories*

Accessories and Playsets

Baby's Room*
Craft Store*


Cozy Winter Coverups*
Dress-Up Kit - Stencil*

Other Items

Paper Dolls*