Tressy dolls

Tressy Tressy was an 11-1/2" doll who made her debut in 1964. She was manufactured by American Character. The doll originally came in different hair colors, such as blonde, brunette, redhead, and black. She originally came wearing a red dress with white trim, white tie belt with key attached, white panties, and white open-toe shoes. She also came complete with her stand, hair clips, and booklet.

What set Tressy apart from other dolls was the fact that her hair 'grew' - that is, little girls could vary the length of the doll's hair according to whatever fashion choices they wanted to make at the time. Tressy was the first doll with the growing-hair mechanism.

American Character had in 1963 tried out the growing hair on a 15" pre-teen doll they also called Tressy, but for whatever reason that doll wasn't successful. Luckily, they gave the idea another try, this time as a more grown-up fashion doll (certainly with Mattel's Barbie profits in mind), and it was a success.

Since much of Barbie's financial success came from the enormous line of dolls, fashions, and various accessories available for sale, Tressy too was given a number of accoutrements necessary to any good fashion doll. A line of fashions was available for sale from the very beginning, and American Character even launched an under-a-dollar Tressy Budget Assortment. There were playsets, gift sets, and more. (See below.)

Tressy was heavily advertised on television, especially the popular Captain Kangaroo show, introducing little girls all over America to the lovely fashion doll and her unique hair-growing ability.

Magic Makeup Tressy
Black Tressy
Black Magic Makeup Tressy
Pre-Teen Tressy
Mary Makeup

Tressy's Apartment
Tressy's Beauty Salon
Tressy's Hair Setting Kit
Tressy's Hair Styling Kit
Tressy's Hat Shoppe
Tressy and Her Gold Carry All Trunk
Tressy and Her Hair Glamour Kit
Tressy and Her Hi-Fashion Cosmetics
Tressy Hair Glamour Pak
Tressy Hi-Fashion Cosmetics
Tressy's Deluxe Hair Setting and Styling Kit
Tressy Deluxe Trousseau Trunk

Hair Glamour Paks
Hair Spray Refill Pak
Hair Spray - Roller Combo Pak
Jumbo Curler Refill Pak
Lotion - Curler Combo Pak
Magazine & Comb/Brush Pak
Roller - Curler Combo Pak
Setting Lotion Refill Pak
Tressy Pins, Curler, & Roller Pak

Tressy Fashions
Black Magic
Blue Lady
Blue Ribbon Winner
Bon Voyage
Bowling Beauty
Campus Casual
Car Coat
Check Mates
Chic Shift (Chic Outfit)
Chit Chat
Coffee Break
Country Casual
Date Mates
Elegant Evening
Evening Jewel
Executive Sweet
Fireside Romance
Fountain Fun
Frug Away
Go-Go Girl
Good News
In the Swim
Lazy Days
London Look
Love Letters
Miss American Character
Miss Suburbia
Neat Knit
On Fifth Avenue
Pink Champagne
Pink Negligee
Sailing Party
Sleepy Time Gal
Sophisticated Lady
Spring Delight
Sugar N Spice
Summer Holiday
Surprise Party
Swinging Sensation
Town and Country
Under Wonders
Wild 'n Wonderful
Window Shopping
World's Fair

Cricket Fashions
Bowling Beauty
Fan Club Fun
Fun & Fancy
Happy Birthday
Happy Hobby
Happy Holiday
Just Pals
Kitchen Cutie
Mad Music
Party Pretty
School Days
Ship Ahoy
Sugar 'N Spice
Sweet Treat
Theatre Time
Windy Weather
Winter Weekend
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Playsets/Accessory Packs
Cricket and Her Fashion Shop
Cricket and Her Hair Glamour Kit
Cricket's Deluxe Travel Trunk
Cricket Travel Trunk