Tressy doll by Ideal

Tressy doll by Ideal on Ebay
Tressy doll Tressy was an 18-inch-tall fashion doll produced by Ideal in 1970 as 'Gorgeous Tressy' and again in 1971 as 'Posin' Tressy.' The trademark name Tressy was first used for a very successful doll with 'hair that grows' that was manufactured and sold by the American Character Doll Co. in the early 1960's. Ideal acquired the dies, patents, and trademarks only after American Character filed for bankruptcy, and used both trademarks Tressy and Cricket (the original Tressy's sister) on their own products in the 1970's. Ironically, Ideal initially rejected the concept when it was first presented to them, and only bought it after American Character turned it into a resounding success.

The Ideal Tressy Doll was specially produced for and sold only by Sears and is considered by some collectors to be part of the Crissy family of dolls. She was advertised next to Crissy in Sears catalogs, and like the Crissy Doll, Ideal Tressy’s major appeal was her 'growing-hair' feature. Tressy was pictured in Sears catalogs modeling exclusive Sears catalog outfits created for her and Crissy. However, Crissy Doll fashion packages do not mention the Ideal Tressy Doll as they do Crissy's companion dolls, the Kerry doll and the Brandi Doll.

In 1970 Ideal's 'Gorgeous Tressy' came dressed in a yellow and white geometric print dress and panties with black bow tie shoes. This same issue can also can be found in an orange and white dress variation. This issue was released with a straight body in a white or black version. Tressy’s white version had black hair and blue eyes, and the black version had black hair and brown eyes.

Ideal's 'Posin' Tressy' was released in 1971 (white-only) with the Posin’ body style, meaning the doll had a swivel waist that had limited movement in both the horizontal and vertical planes so the doll could strike various poses for the child at play. In 1971 Posin' Tressy could be purchased wearing a belted turquoise, satin and white lace long-sleeved mini dress and panties with matching bow tie shoes.

In 1972 Sears also offered the Posin' Tressy doll in a special gift set.