Chatty Baby doll

Chatty Baby The success of Chatty Cathy inspired parent company Mattel to introduce other members of the Chatty family. In 1962, Cathy got a cute baby sister - Chatty Baby.

Chatty Baby was more like a toddler than her older sibling, and thus appealed to a lot of little girls who wanted a baby who could coo a handful of phrases to them; Chatty Baby could utter 11 different baby-talk phrases when her string was pulled. She was 18" from head to toe.

Both blonde and brunette Babys were introduced, as well as an African-American version (which is today hard to find and expensive for collectors).

Like the rest of the Chatty line, Chatty Baby's sales lasted only so long; one reason was that by the mid-60's, any number of talking dolls had entered the market, so that the novelty of the pull-string mechanism had worn off.

Nevertheless, Chatty Baby is a doll still very much in demand by collectors.