Dusty doll

Dusty doll Dusty was a poseable doll with a number of accessories, produced by Kenner. Blonde and tanned, the doll represented the sort of active, Southern California lifestyle that a lot of little girls probably craved, even if they didn't quite realize it.

Dusty was approximately 11-1/2" tall and jointed at the waist, wrists, and shoulders, and her head would turn. In addition there was a mechanism on the doll's back to create a 'spring-back action' that simulated the doll using a golf club or other hand-held accessory. Dusty's hands were also curved to hold various items. The first Dusty issues had freckled faces. Every version of Dusty came wearing a one-piece swimsuit.

The second version of Dusty was more limited: the wrists were solid and the spring-back action was gone.

A third version of Dusty existed in the form of the Trade-In Special: this was mailed to the child who sent in her original Dusty and $1.99 for the new version.

Dusty had a great variety of accessories and playsets available to her. These included:

- Award Night Set - with golf and tennis accessories, as well as a trophy
- Bubblin' Bath and Shower - bathroom with shower stall and makeup table
- Golf Sports Set - comes with golf equipment and stand
- Gymnastics Set - with parallel bars and other equipment
- Nugget the Golden Palomino - horse with fence to jump over
- Tennis Champion - comes with doll in tennis outfit with equipment
- Volleyball Sports Set - with tethered ball, stand, and outfit
- various 'Trendsetter' fashion and Sports Set outfits

Dusty was released with an African-American doll, Skye, although Dusty was the main focus of packaging, advertising, etc.

The doll usually had a daisy motif as part of the packaging.

Collectors note: Dusty dolls are prone to melting around the joints; the plastic will literally melt and stain any outfits the doll is wearing.