Jody doll by Ideal

Jody doll Jody was a line of dolls and accessories produced by Ideal in 1974 and '75. The dolls were 9" tall and featured hair that fell below their waists.

The concept behind the Jody line was to evoke a sense of the revered past: the dolls were generally dressed in old-fashioned, turn-of-the-century clothing and their accessories reflected this. They represented what was considered a Golden Age of the past in which the dolls' characters lived.

Jody was most often found as 'the Country Girl Doll,' or 'An Old-Fashioned Girl,' with red hair and wearing a red-and-white checked dress and bonnet. This variety came with a straw-broom accessory. Jodys also came with (or a child could purchase) other countrified, old-fashioned dresses. There was also an African-American Jody, in similar clothing or wearing a white Party Formal dress. The dolls' packaging accentuated the concept, showing the dolls with such accessories as antique farm machinery, phonographs, etc.

Accessories and playsets for Jody included such examples as Jody's Horse And Farm, and Jody & Her Country Kitchen.