Love Notes dolls

Love Notes dolls Mattel released their line of Love Notes dolls starting in 1975. The 13" long, cloth-bodied dolls were printed with colored musical notes on their hands, feet, and tummies, and when a child pressed a note, a different musical sound note played.

A color-coded songbook was included with each doll, so that kids could play tunes with the notes such as "Mary Had a Little Lamb," "Three Blind Mice," and "The Farmer in the Dell."

The four original Love Notes dolls available were Bucky (a cowboy), Lilty (African-American), Melody (blonde hair), and Nellie (auburn hair).

Li'l Love Notes dolls were released shortly thereafter. These were slightly smaller at 10", and included two characters, Kelly and Swingy. Not as successful as the original line, the Li'l version didn't last nearly as long, so that they are more difficult to find on the aftermarket today.