My Buddy doll

My Buddy doll The My Buddy doll line was made by Hasbro in 1985 with the intention of making a doll to appeal to little boys. Hasbro also introduced a companion Kid Sister for girls. Hasbro discontinued the line before the start of the 1990's and Playskool took over production, making changes to the likeness and clothing.

The tagline "My buddy and me" was one familiar to Saturday-morning TV viewers during the late 1980's.

My Buddy during his initial run had all these characteristics:
- Red baseball cap
- Brown Hair
- Red/Yellow/blue/white striped long sleeve shirt
- Blue overalls with My Buddy logo on chest
- blue shoes with white stripe
- The whole doll (besides head) was stuffed fabric.
- Face had blue or brown eyes, freckles, 'button' nose, and smile

The dolls released by Playskool in the 1990's were made with unremovable clothing sewn directly onto the doll's body. The new Kid Sister was also released with clothes sewn onto the body, despite complaints, making it virtually impossible to dress it in different outfits. This was done to reduce the extra cost of having to produce clothes separately.