Rainbow Brite doll

Rainbow Brite doll Rainbow Brite was a character created for Hallmark which was introduced in a pair of prime-time animated TV specials, before getting a regular series starting in 1984. Mattel produced all of the dolls and some of the associated toys. Other Rainbow Brite licensed merchandise was produced by various companies, including many story and activity books by Western Publishing (Little Golden Books) plus a number of puzzles, a line of costume jewelry, banks, clothes, toys, games, doll and child furniture, radios, child cosmetics, linen, towels, personal care items, lamps, figurines, VHS videocassettes, audio cassettes, records, bicycles and much more were sold in the USA, Canada and the UK. In the rest of Europe there was a lesser variety of things sold. Even the full Mattel line wasn't sold in all countries. Books, comic books, audio tapes were the best selling licensed items outside the UK but other items did exist in different countries. In Germany alone there were no less than 31 story cassettes and 46 comic books. Because of Rainbow Brite's extreme popularity soon after she was launched, a number of companies produced lookalike unlicensed items.