Sea Wees dolls by Kenner

Sea Wees Sea Wees were small toy mermaids that were produced by Kenner between 1979 and 1984. Each Sea Wee had hair that could be combed with a small plastic comb accessory that came with each figure. The main Sea Wees figures were approximately 3-3/4" in length. They were meant to be played with in the bathtub.

The original three Sea Wees from 1979 were Coral (a redhead with turquoise body), Sandy (blonde with pink body), and Shelly (brunette with green body). They came with a sponge lily pad on which the figures could float.

A second series of Sea Wees was released in 1980; these were called Sea Wees & Babies because the main figures were paired with smaller baby mermaid figures with molded-plastic hair. These figures were the same color as the larger Sea Wees' bodies. In addition to the original three, an African-American Sea Wee named Stormy, with yellow body, joined the group. The combinations were Coral and Baby Corkie; Sandy and Baby Star; Shelly and Baby Sprite; and Stormy with Baby Bubbles.

The third series of Sea Wees was called Fancy Sea Wees & Babies. Like the second group, they also were packaged as mother-baby combos. There were again only three of these; the only main difference between these and the second series figures was the fact that the Fancy ones had shiny bodies. These were redhead Breezy with pink body, packaged with Baby Blew; brunette Merry with dark blue body, & Baby Marina; and blonde Sunny, with bronze body & Baby Sail.

The fourth series of Sea Wees were called TropiGals, who came packaged wearing blue hula skirts, and again there were four figures. This time, in addition to the babies, each figure was packaged with a small pet animal. The TropiGals included Camille (blue hair and white body), with baby Cascade and pelican Pelly; Flora (with white hair and orange body), with baby Finella and Doubloon the bear; Oceana (green hair, yellow body) with baby Sabrina and cat Seesar; and Pear (black hair, dark skin, and purple body), with baby Scale and Gully the seagull.

The fifth series were called Icy-Gals, with a winter motif. Each figure wore a little white fur accessory, with each baby wearing a white coat and each pet wearing a toboggan. In addition, each of the Sea Wees had a white streak in her hair; their hair color otherwise matched their bodies. The four figures were Breezy in green, with Baby Rory and Wiskers; Coral in pink with Baby Corky and Sparkles; Frosty in blue with Baby Flo and Penny; and Shelly in yellow, with Baby Pearl and Shivers.

The sixth and final series was called Bubble Ballet; it consisted of four figures, each with a smaller baby figure. These Sea Wees can be differentiated by the symbol on their chests, and the fact that they and the babies appear to be wearing ballet tutus. The figures were Ruffle in orange, with Baby Curtsy; Satin in red, with Baby Swirl; Silky in pink, with Baby Flutter; and Tafetta in blue and green, with Baby Whirl.

A small number of playsets for the Sea Wees were also produced.