Sindy doll

Sindy doll The original Sindy doll was created by Pedigree Soft Toys Ltd. and launched in September 1963. Sindy was 12" tall and was available in blonde, brunette, and auburn hair, and was originally issued wearing jeans,a striped top, and white sneakers; this outfit was called 'weekenders.' Sindy's face was painted so that her eyes looked to the right. In all the years that Pedigree produced the doll this never changed, and is one of the easiest ways to spot a fake.

In 1964 Sindy was given a handsome boyfriend called Paul who stood a whole 1" taller at 13". It is often assumed that Paul was based on Paul McCartney due to the doll being produced when Beatlemania took off. Paul was first issued with molded brown hair, but he was later updated to have rooted short brown hair. Both Sindy and Paul had an array of fashionable clothes that were designed by Valerie Sanders and Hardy Amies, designers were also contributed to from Mary Quant and the Emanuelles. Sindy was later given a little sister Patch in 1966.

In 1968 Sindy was given a make-over. She had more bendable limbs and a twisting wrist; she was also given rooted eyelashes and silkier hair that was available in a side or center part. Along with her new look Sindy was also given friends: a blonde curly haired Vicki - advertised as Sindy's new English friend, unlike Sindy her eyes pointed to the left. Mitzi was introduced in 1968 and was marketed as 'Sindy's new continental friend who has that mysterious exciting French look.' Mitzi's hair was a deep red in color, however; very rare blonde versions can be found. In the same year Poppet (same size as Patch) and Betsy (Patch's American friend) were also introduced, this collection of friends are referred to as the Sindy Set.

In 1971 Sindy once again went through a major overhaul. The body style was changed to a slimmer versatile shape and the head/neck connection redesigned to a ball socket that was attached to the body and fit inside the head rather than the neck being part of the head - this was less prone to breakage. Lovely Lively Sindy was also introduced in this year with unusual gauntlet style arms with rotating elbow joints. That year saw the introduction of a friend named June. June was not available to buy in the shops but was a free mail away offer if you saved up 24 heart tokens from doll or clothes boxes.

Sindy went through her final major change in the 1970's. She was given an 'active' body type and a change in face. This was the most popular body type and had articulation points at the neck, arm, elbow, wrist, waist, thigh, knee and ankle, and was mainly sold dressed as a ballerina.