Star Fairies dolls

Star Fairies In the early 1980's Tonka Toys introduced an unusual line of dolls called the Star Fairies, which consisted of six dolls. All dolls were marked on the back of their heads Hornby (c) 1983. They stood about 6-1/⁄2" tall. They had swivel heads, fully moveable arms and legs with a twist waist. They also featured pointed elf-like ears and pixie faces. Each fairy came with her own purple brush, a silver star wand, and a white base (so each could stand upright).

There were also the Star Fairies Animal Friends, three animals made of a soft PVC and covered with a soft flocking. They were especially designed so that the Star Fairies could sit on them.

There was a play center called Castle Wish Star where the fairies lived and played together. This lavender-colored castle had a white stairway leading to two doors. On the inside was a special cloud sleeping chamber, a throne for the Princess, a cloud bathtub complete with a privacy door, and a place to hang the fairies' extra clothing. Also included was a spinning May Pole with purple ribbons, upon which three dolls could be placed and spun.

Also made was a Wish Keeper Jewel Box, a pink box which opened and had a chair for a Fairy doll to sit in and look in the vanity mirror. There were drawers where accessories could be kept (or little girls' items). It had a small closet so that clothing and wings could be stored also.

The Star Fairies had six different fashion outfits, each of which included a pair of color-coordinated wings to match their new outfit.