ABC Monday Night Football game

ABC Monday Night Football Aurora released their ABC Monday Night Football game in 1972.

This early electronic (well, electric) game was played by two players who chose their offensive or defensive plays from a score card; each would then move a slider to point to his choice. When both choices have been made, a switch can be activated which will then display the result by way of lights shining up through the translucent playing field. Players keep track of their game's progress with plastic markers.

The game accessories include:
board molded to resemble a football stadium;
2 player figures;
1 scrimmage marker;
1 first down marker;
2 goalposts;
3 offensive play cards;
4 defensive play cards.

While marketed as being computerized, this game actually just used electrical switching mechanisms to determine the state of each play. Using small light bulbs to light up such results, the game will no doubt seem very primitive today.

Aurora was primarily known for their popular model kits, but the company had experience with electrical toys thanks to their successful slot car racing sets.