Benji Detective game

Benji Detective Game Milton Bradley released (Joe Camp's) Benji Detective Game in 1979.

Each player takes the role of Benji the dog and is given a Clue Card in order to solve a robbery: not only are some valuables missing, but some of Benji's friends have been dognapped! The player must make his way around the board, drawing Benji Cards, until he is able to guess exactly which 4 specific cards is in one of the four card piles on the board, which will lead him to the robbers to recover the stolen items.

Benji the dog has been the subject of several films beginning in 1974, each written and directed by Joe Camp. Benji is a lovable mixed-breed mutt who helps people solve their problems, assists in foiling crimes, etc.

Note: There was another title, The Benji Game, released by Waddingtons Games in 1976.