Careers board game

Careers game Parker Brothers released their game of Careers as early as 1959.

The object of Careers is for each player to set and meet a goal of 60 points total in 3 categories, Happiness, Wealth, and Fame; each player can apportion the points between these any way he pleases, but the total number of points must remain 60. The player then chooses one of several career paths (which may be geared to provide more points in one of the desired categories) and works to gain the points that will win him the game.

From the ad copy: The object of the game of Careers is to "succeed", but just as in real life, each player has his own idea of what success really means. In Careers each player decides upon his own success formula and writes it down privately before the game begins. The first player to achieve or exceed his own success formula is the winner of the game.

Game pieces include:
Game Board
28 Opportunity Cards
28 Experience Cards
6 Pawns
2 Dice
In-Game Money