Charlies Angels board game

Charlie's Angels game Milton Bradley released their boardgame dedicated to Charlie's Angels in 1977.

The object of the game is for each player to surround and capture the Culprit with his playing pieces, each of which represents one of the Angels (Kelly, Sabrina, and Kris). Players move their pieces around the board trying to surround the Culprit, gaining points for doing so; after 3 games, the player with the most points wins. The player moves according to dice, as well as cards which represent Charlie's assistance.

The game came with a board, 12 Angels with stands (divided up into 3 groups of 4 colors), a Culprit with stand, 2 dice, and 24 game cards.

This game was released after the departure of Farrah Fawcett, so that the character of Kris (Cheryl Ladd) appears.