Clue board game

Clue game Clue was first published by Parker Brothers in 1948.

The game of Clue makes each player into a detective, trying to solve a murder mystery by gathering clues. One card of each of three types (Suspect, Weapon, Location) is placed into a pouch without any player knowing which ones have been chosen; the remainder of the cards are then shuffled and divided between players. Each player moves his piece around the board, asking questions of the other players to determine which cards they hold. In this way, the players use the process of elimination to determine (a) who committed the murder, (b) what weapon was used, and (c) where in the mansion setting the murder was committed. The player announces he has solved the murder, declares his choices from each category, and then checks the pouch containing the three cards set aside at the beginning of the game. If his guesses are correct, he wins; if not, he loses and is out.

The classic game of Clue includes:
Gameboard (depicting a mansion with 9 rooms)
6 Character Pawns:
- Colonel Mustard
- Miss Scarlet
- Mr. Green
- Mrs. White
- Mrs. Peacock
- Professor Plum

6 Weapons:
- Candlestick
- Knife
- Lead Pipe
- Pistol
- Rope
- Wrench

21 Clue Cards (6 Suspects, 6 Weapons, 9 Rooms)
Pad of Detective Notebooks
Confidential Case File
2 Dice

A classic boardgame for decades, Clue has been spun off into other games, such as Clue: The Great Museum Caper, Clue Jr., and Clue Master Detective; there was even a Clue feature film in 1985 with a great cast including Tim Curry, Eileen Brennan, Martin Mull, Lesley Ann Warren, Christopher Lloyd, Michael McKean, and Madeline Kahn.