Conquest of the Empire game

Conquest of the Empire game Conquest of the Empire is a board game created in 1984 by Milton Bradley and re-released in the summer of 2005 by Eagle Games. Part of the Gamemaster series, Conquest of the Empire is very similar to the popular Axis and Allies of the same series. That may be because it was designed by the same designer, Larry Harris.

A military strategy game set in the Roman Empire after the death of Marcus Aurelius, 2 to 6 players pit their armies against each other in an attempt to become the ruler of Rome. The original MB game is out of print and now very highly prized by collectors.

Players attempt to conquer their neighbors and build up cities and fortifications to increase production of wealth. Players also may build road networks that allow for faster movement within friendly territory. Along the way players have to contend with rising inflation which makes military units more and more expensive. Eventually through elimination one player pulls ahead for the win. Experienced game players feel that the catapult piece is too powerful and this fact hurts the game's playability.

The 2005 re-release featured a tweaked version of the original rules as 'Conquest of the Empire: Classic'. In this version the combat system was changed. Dice now featured images on all sides which represented your units. If you rolled an infantry, an infantry unit from your army would make a hit. Catapults are now more balanced.