Creature Castle game

Creature Castle The Creature Castle game was released by Whitman/Western Publishing in 1975. It required 2 to 4 players, ages 8 and up. Structurally and play-wise, this game was very similar to Whitman's earlier Dark Shadows boardgame.

The box featured a cartoonish drawing (by artist Bruce Bond) of a castle at night, with a graveyard in the foreground and mountains in the distance. The paper gameboard was also drawn in the same art style by Bond, with cartoonish depictions of a mad scientist, his assistant, and several other ghoulish characters lurking within an elaborate castle setting.

Each player took on the role of a character trying to get through the nightmarish castle: Grog, Igor, Narda, or Zelda. Players began the game in the dungeon, and moved their pieces along the spaces on the board trying to reach the Finish space. Along the way the spaces each held a graphic, such as a snake, a bat, a scorpion, a spider, or some other symbol; the four creatures formed the suits of the cards that players held. There were also cards devoted to a (Frankenstein-like) Monster and a werewolf-like Creature.

Players moved their pieces according to the cards they held and discarded; thus, the play of the game was somewhat like a more elaborate version of Candyland.

As mentioned before, Creature Castle is very similar to Whitman's earlier Dark Shadows game, but with generic characters and new artwork. The artwork for the gameboard, however, is much more elaborate than the original, with nearly every inch covered in Bruce Bond's delightful, not-quite-horrific style.