Dark Shadows board game

Dark Shadows game In 1968, Whitman released a board game devoted to the wildly popular Gothic-horror soap opera.

The 10x18" box featured a cartoon of a generic vampire with its face partially hidden. The board was made of coated paper instead of being affixed to cardboard, unfortunately. Playing pieces consisted of 4 small plastic characters.

Most of the game was played using cards, which made up a 52-card deck with four suits - bat, spider, cup of poison, or knife. Each suit contained 13 cards made up of 10 numbered cards (which contained either the number 1 or 2), 2 generic Vampire cards, and one card featuring a color photo of Barnabas.

The box also contained two generic cards not part of the game; some variations have two photos of Barnabas labelled 'For Your Wallet'; others had one such photo and an instruction card.

The game was played thus: Players are dealt four cards and move their playing piece ahead based on one of their cards matching a space on the board. They have the option of not moving but discarding one card and drawing another. The player who reaches the end first wins.