Dark Tower game

Dark Tower Dark Tower was a game released by Milton Bradley in 1981.

The object of the game is to retrieve a magic scepter that is being held by the tyrant king who lives within the Dark Tower. Before being able to assault the stronghold, each player (one to four persons can play) must collect three magical keys, each hidden in one of the lands surrounding the Tower. Then the player can use the army he has built for the attack.

The game contents included:
1 Dark Tower game unit
1 Gameboard
16 Plastic buildings
4 Plastic warrior pawns
1 Plastic dragon pawn
12 Plastic key pieces
5 Plastic flags
42 Score pegs
4 Score charts
4 Pegasus tokens

Dark Tower was an early electronic game; after each move, players input their choice into a small keypad which would take over such tasks as keeping track of dwindling resources or deciding the outcomes of battles. Though somewhat primitive now, at the time it was a step forward for boardgames in that a computer could do much of the more tedious mental tasks.