Dungeon Dice game

Dungeon Dice The game of Dungeon Dice was first published by Parker Brothers in 1977.

The object of this game is to tunnel one's way out of an underground dungeon under the eyes of watchful sentries. The player rolls dice (representing items like Shovels, Keys, Daggers, Ladders, and Lanterns) and tries to match them to earn Tunnel Cards that can help plot a path out of the dungeon. The first player to successfully tunnel his way out (i.e., place 8 Tunnel Cards in his escape path) is the winner.

The game accessories include:
Game Board
Dungeon Pit
32 Game cards
28 Tunnel cards
4 Prisoner cards
6 Specialty dice

Many people, when they first hear of Dungeon Dice, assume it is some simplified method of playing a game similar to Dungeons & Dragons (which was becoming popular at the time of this release), but the two are unrelated both in theme and play.