Electronic Detective game by Ideal

Electronic Detective Ideal released their Electronic Detective game in 1979.

In this early electronic game from Ideal, players take on the role of detective, each given a Case Fact Sheet and the task of solving a murder. The player must determine the murderer's sex, the caliber of the murder weapon, fingerprint information, and the murderer's whereabouts. The game's computer has selected one of 20 characters to be the murder, as well as the other circumstances. Each player on his turn can three questions about the murderer and the circumstances surrounding the crime, for which the computer will supply the answerss; by process of elimination, players can eventually determine all of the correct information and win the game. There is also enclosed a record which gives players a sample game so they can know how to proceed.

Actor Don Adams's image was used in the box art for one edition of the game.

In case you're interested, the 20 suspect characters included are:
#1 Lenny Little
#2 Al Farook
#3 Pepe Perez
#4 Tony Racheti
#5 Mickey O' Malley
#6 Max Fineflugle
#7 Ripp Rapp
#8 Buster Bailey
#9 Rocky Roll
#10 Ling Tong
#11 Ivy Little
#12 Lucy Tumble
#13 Piper Perez
#14 Dina Racheti
#15 Eileen Stellar
#16 Joan Fineflugle
#17 Rose Pettle
#18 Doris Dill
#19 Candy Roll
#20 Sing Wong