Family Feud Home game

Family Feud Home Version Family Feud is the classic home game version based on the TV version of the same name, first published by Milton Bradley in 1977. Like the on-air show, family contestants must answer survey questions in order to win the game.

Milton Bradley made eight different editions of the ABC version starting in 1977. Each game would contain 60 games, play money, instructions, Fast Money tally sheets, a game board (that looks practically identical to the actual game board) and strike indicator.

Each main game contains three survey questions. The first two rounds were 'single' rounds, while the third round was worth double the values. Questions in earlier editions of the Milton Bradley game had up to 10 answers each, although later editions limited front-round answers to five per question.

Two players or teams faced off to determine control of the question. The rules were identical to the main game of the television series (i.e., whoever guesses the more popular answer decides to either play or pass, strikes for answers not on the survey, three strikes relinquishing control of the question and allowing the opposing team to steal the current cash value of the bank, etc.).

Unlike some game show adaptations, the questions and answers from the main game and Fast Money are the actual ones used on the television series.

The player or team with the most cash after three questions advances to the Fast Money round to play for a $5,000 bonus.

The rules of the Fast Money bonus round were slightly altered for the home version. As in the television series, five questions were played. The main differences was that each question had up to six possible answers (for most of the Milton Bradley editions; some early editions had questions with fewer than six answers). The contestant was shown these answers and chose the one he thought was the most popular answer (if he was part of a team, the second player picking another answer) or the two top answers (if he played alone). The objective, as in the television version, is to score 200 points or more to win.

If one or both team members accumulate 200 or more points, the team wins the top prize of $5,000; if they score less than 200, they earn $5 for every point (Example: 199 x $5 = $995).