Fireball Island game

Fireball Island game Fireball Island is a fondly-remembered Milton Bradley game from 1986. It box measured 10"x26"x3-1/2" and weighed more than 2 pounds when all parts were inside. Such parts consisted of an intricately molded plastic board, marbles, plastic tiki idol, action-sequence cards, four plastic playing pieces (explorers), a die, rulebook, and other small items.

The premise of the game was that each player was an explorer, who made his or her way up a mountainside to a valuable jewel; the explorer would then attempt to escape down the mountain with the treasure without being killed by the tiki god's fireballs or other hazards.

Players used the included cards to create scenarios within the game, usually to knock another player off his course. These could include such things as 'Magic Talisman Stops a Fireball' or making an opponent have a 'Fake Jewel.'