Vintage Games

Vintage board games on Ebay
Planet of the Apes board game Practically every person in America has played some sort of mass-produced, indoor game during their childhood. Classics like Monopoly, the Game of Life, and Stratego have been enjoyed by literally millions of people on rainy afternoons and vacations. Board games are undoubtedly the most numerous and popular segment of this category, followed by card games and what are known as 'action' games, such as the spine-bending Twister or a game of nerves like Jenga.

The collectability of such games is fairly high, although most board games, even original productions of the classics, do not command the relatively high prices enjoyed by other such categories as action figures or comic books.

The highest prices are commanded by the rarest and most sought-after games; but most collectors also face stiff competition from other types of collectors - for example, a collector of any type of Dark Shadows memorabilia may be a rival bidder for a Dark Shadows Barnabas Collins game. One should also expect to pay more for games which are now going on fifty years old - still recognizable classics, but which become more rare every year as attrition eats away at the existing supply.

When collecting vintage games, be on the lookout for what condition the item is in: is the box completely intact? Is it taped on one or more sides? Are all the pieces there, and would you know it if they are? One expects honesty from a seller, but the potential buyer must educate herself about exactly what is being purchased.

The list below contains board, card, action, and tabletop strategy games. What it doesn't contain (although a few of them have probably sneaked in) are games that may be more accurately described as 'toys,' like bagatelles and more skill-oriented items such as, say, Time Bomb.

$20,000 Pyramid Game
1313 Dead End Drive
ABC Monday Night Football
Addams Family (1965)*
Addams Family Card Game (1965)*
Air Trix
Alfred Hitchcock Why Mystery Game*
Allan Sherman's Camp Granada Game
All American Football*
Annie Oakley
the Archie Game*
Axis & Allies
Babes in Toyland
Barbie, Queen of the Prom*
Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows Game
Barney Miller
Batman Game (1966)
Batman and Robin (1965)*
Batman Card Game
Battle Masters
Battlestar Galactica
Beatles Flip Your Wig Game*
Benji Detective Game
Bionic Woman
Buck Rogers (1950)
Buck Rogers (1979)
Candy Land
Carol Burnett's Spoof card game*
Catch a Crook*
Charlie's Angels
Chiclets Gum Village*
Chutes & Ladders
Comp IV
Connect Four
Conquest of the Empire
Count Down Space Game*
Creature Castle
the Dana Girls
Dark Shadows Game
Dark Tower
Davy Crockett Rescue Race Game
Don't Break the Ice
Dungeon Dice
Electronic Detective Game
Family Feud Home Game
Feeley Meeley
Fireball Island
Flash Gordon Adventure on the Moons of Mongo*
Flintstones Dino the Dinosaur Game*
Flintstones Game*
Flintstones Stone Age Game*
Fortress America
Giant Wheel Cowboys n Indians*
G.I. Joe Combat Infantry Game*
G.I. Joe Navy Frogman*
Gomer Pyle Game
Green Ghost Game (1965, Transogram)
Green Hornet Quick Switch Game*
Gunness Game of World Records
Happy Days
Hardy Boys Mystery Game*
Hardy Boys Treasure Game
Haunted House Game
Heart Throb
Hey Pa! There's a Goat on the Roof!
the Hobbit Game
Hogan's Heroes Game*
Holly Hobbie Wishing Well Game*
Hollywood Squares
Huckleberry Hound Western Game
Incredible Hulk with the Fantastic Four
James Bond Secret Agent 007 Game
Jem Concert Clash
Jetsons Fun Pad Game*
Jetsons Rosie the Robot Game*
Jonny Quest Game
King Kong Game (1976, Ideal)
King Oil
Kreskin's ESP Game
Leave It to Beaver Ambush Game
Life, the Game Of
Lost Treasure*
MacDonald's Farm
Madcap Marathon*
Mary Poppins Carousel Game
Masterpiece, the Art Auction Game*
McHale's Navy Game
Meet the Presidents
Merry Milkman
Mission: Impossible (1967, Ideal)
Monkees Game
Monster Mansion
Monster Old Maid
Mork & Mindy*
Mouse Trap
Muppet Show Game
Mystery Date
Mystery Mansion
Mystic Skull: The Game of Voodoo
New Fantastic Four Game
Outer Limits
Park and Shop
Partridge Family*
Patty Duke Game
Peter Pan
Phantom of the Opera Mystery Game*
Pit card game*
Planet of the Apes
the Price is Right
Prize Property*
Quick Draw McGraw Game
Real Ghostbusters
Rifleman Game
Sale of the Century*
Scotland Yard*
Screech! Play in the Dark game*
Shenanigans Carnival of Fun game
[Walt Disney's] Sleeping Beauty
Snagglepuss at the Picnic*
Snakes in the Grass
Speed Buggy*
Square Mile
Star Trek Game (1967, Ideal)*
Steve Canyon
Strategic Command
Superman III*
Tank Battle
Time Tunnel Game
Tornado Bowl
TV Guide TV Game*
Twilight Zone Game*
the Virginian*
the Waltons*
Water Works
Which Witch?
Wolfman Mystery Game
Yogi Bear Game