Green Ghost game

Green Ghost Game The Green Ghost Game was produced by Transogram and released in 1965. For 2 to 4 players, aged 6 and up.

The game came in a large (10"x28") box; the board was made of green plastic and was raised up on six table-legs. The board itself glowed in the dark, allowing the game to be played in a darkened room to add to the spooky effect. Additional pieces included the large central ghost, as well as small black or green items, trapdoors, and an instruction book.

The premise of the game is that the ghost is searching for his 12 sons, and will moan and point in the direction he thinks one of the sons may be. Players open trap doors to look for the smaller ghosts and find all manner of creepy things including bones, spiders, snakes, etc.

In 1997 Marx sold a 30th-anniversary edition of the game. Transogram had sold out to Marx several years previous.