Guinness Game of World Records

Guinness Game of World Records Parker Brothers released the Guinness Game of World Records in 1975.

Players move around the gameboard and gain points for either answering trivia questions related to entries within the Guinness Book of World Records, or try to set their own 'records' by performing small feats of dexterity using the plastic items included.

From the in-game copy: Can a man pull a train with his teeth? What is the record for one-handed pull ups? How tall is the world's largest goalkeeper? How many letters are in the longest place name? In what game do you participate in 5 different events? Set and break you own home records...answer questions about some of the most astonishing feats known to man? It's all right here in the Guinness Game of World Records. It takes action, luck and skill. There's never a dull moment.

Game pieces include:
Game Board
1 Distance card
20 Miniature weights
5 Smaller plastic balls
1 Large plastic ball
1 Plastic cup
1 Plastic large disc
16 Plastic small discs
1 Felt launch pad
6 Playing pieces
1 Score pad
2 dice
1 Guinness Q & A book