Heart Throb game

Heart Throbs game The game of Heart Throb was introduced in 1988 by Milton Bradley.

From the game copy: The object of Heartthrob game is to score the most points by guessing which boyfriends your opponents like best. After all players are finished filling in their scoresheets, each player in turn reveals her choice aloud. As choices are revealed, circle your correct guesses. Score one point for each circle and write your score for that round on your scoresheet in that position.

On looks alone pick your "heartthrob" from three photo cards. Then guess which guys your friends will pick. If you're correct, you could win this dreamy dating game.

You could fall in love at first sight! But be careful! Personality cards will reveal more about the guys. Some of what you learn makes them more appealing, but other things are a real turn-off. You must decide if looks or personality are more important.

Bet you didn't realize that Johnny cracks his knuckles and bites his fingernails. Could you tell that Brad still sleeps with a Teddy Bear? And what about Greg! Did you know he eats bugs to gross out girls?

The game accessories include:
Game Board
60 Boyfriend cards
144 Personality cards
3 Plastic stands
1 Scorepad