Hollywood Squares game

Hollywood Squares game Watkins-Strathmore first released their version of the Hollywood Squares game in 1967.

The game is very much like the TV show of the same name, for the home game market. Players try to answer trivia questions to get either an X or O on the board in order to get 3 in a row. If they miss the question, their opponent's symbol (X or O) is placed instead. The first player to win three rounds, wins.

The game includes:
1 game board
12 guest star inserts
25 question and answer cards
1 card holder
Static cling X and O markers

This game was published by more than one company (including Parker Brothers and Ideal) over the years, and was published at least as late as 1999, with different box and interior art. Some versions incorporate money and the inclusion of fictional 'celebrities' to make it more like the TV show, but at heart it still remains a game of tic-tac-toe with trivia questions combined.

Note: the version shown at right featured TV host Peter Marshall on the box, and was produced in 1974 by Ideal. This may be the most common version of the home game.